1. Day 107: I am here. #365selfies

  2. Every time I go to Stokes Croft I wonder who this beautiful woman is. #latergram

  3. I’m obsessed with rays of sunshine and the shapes they can make.

  4. Strawberry shark. (at Jack & Jill Toyshop)

  5. Dramatic cinnamon/sugar toast!

  6. This is a sweet gal named Camille and her band is called Holly they played for the first time tonight! (And she embroidered her really great shirt!) (at Cafe Kino)

  7. Day 105: shiney. Shiney. Shiney. #365selfies

  8. Sweet little broken peacock.

  9. Duh!

  10. Day 104: Monday has been sorta like a Monday today. #365selfies