1. So enjoyed @barbarossauk last night! That feller has the voice of an angel! (at Exchange Bristol)

  2. Most bestest gig with @SchoolofLanguag!! (at Exchange Bristol)

  3. Day 112: Happy Earth Day! #365selfies

  4. Australian photographer, Rennie Ellis.

    (Source: nighthawk-postcards, via crowcrow)

  5. I may have bought a racially insensitive cactus at the supermarket?

  6. The Laetitia Sadier Trio was absolutely magical! (at Exchange Bristol)

  7. Day 111: Sprang Clean Queen #365selfies

  8. This is an American Dreamcake Egg! Lovingly gifted to me by my m-i-l! It has freaking brownie pieces in the chocolate!

  9. They kinda ripped J.C.s arms off.

  10. Hope you dudes spend Easter just like this!!